[TRANS] FTISLAND’s Lee Jaejin BEST 3 places he wants to go in Japan by rankingbox


FTISLAND released a new album “UNITED SHADOWS”. Although he has visited Japan for many times, but he can’t go out that far, so we’ve been listening to BEST 3 places that Lee Jaejin would like to go in Japan!


1. Hot Spring in Kyushu


EXILE, EXILE THE SECOND member – Kuroki Keiji, recommended “If it’s hot spring it’s Kyushu!”, it’s a place that I really interested to go right now. Oh~ Keiji-san is from Kyushu. I don’t know the name or details about hot spring area, but I’d like to stay at a traditional Japanese inn. I went to a hot spring once while in the middle of the tour, it’s in a lodging where a ninja is likely to come out, it’s very impressive. If possible, I’d like to take my mother there.

2. Okinawa


I’ve been there to participate an outdoor festival, but I couldn’t go out because of typhoon. The festival (the live performance) was canceled, of course. While I was excited to see some photos, the wind blew and the window got shook that I can only see the scenery. In Okinawa, I’d like to go to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium as seen in many photos. After that, I went into a beautiful sea…. Ah, but, I can’t swim (LOL). Is it ok if I diving without being able to swim? I want to do it! I want to see tropical fish.

3. Aromatic Oil Treatment


I want to loosen my body before doing live. I want to be in a two hours’ course. But, Japanese spa ins expensive! In Korea, Chimjilbang (health land) is well known, I go to an old fashioned small public bath about once in a week. I don’t see (a place like that) much in Japan, but there are many in Korea. It (maybe) not a main bath in Japan, but I feel like taking a shower after enter the sauna and have some healthy drink later is the best.

Source: rankingbox

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