[TUTORIAL] How to stream N.FLYING songs on Spotify with US VPN (for Spotify Web & Android version)


Hello, N.Fia! Since our Flying Boys is going to have their comeback in few days, here I am writing this tutorial just in case it may help to support any projects regarding to it’s comeback ^^

As what you’ve read on the title, I’ll explain steps on how to stream N.FLYING songs (it may also work on songs other than N.FLYING) through Spotify platform with US VPN. If you’re asking why must US VPN, the answer is because it counts on the Billboard charts! So, my intention is hopefully by doing a simple thing like this will help our N.FLYING boys to gain songs chart on Billboard (or, to be known more by US media and get some news coverage! Who knows?!😁)

OK, here I go…

*for Android users

  1. Make sure you already installed Spotify app on your phone. If you haven’t then you can install it from Google Play Store. Its free!
  2. If you already have Spotify account, you can directly Login. If you haven’t, then you can Sign Up right from the app by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ text and follow the steps. Its easy, just like how you make an account on any social media platform. Make sure you verify your email address! After Sign Up process done, don’t forget to make sure you’re logged in.
  3. After you have successfully logged in, you can exit from Spotify and go back to Google Play Store to install HOLA VPN. Simply type ‘hola vpn’ to make it short on the search box and find HOLA VPN from the lists, then install it.


4. After HOLA VPN successfully installed, open it, and it will be looked like this


5. Click Spotify icon, and it will show you this


6. Make sure the flag shown is US flag, and click the “Open” green tab

7. After you clicked the “Open” green tab you’ll see this


Simply checklist the “I trust this application” and clik OK

8. The screen will go blank for a while. It will bring you back to the menu screen of HOLA VPN  with some differences. You can see Spotify icon with US flag now (see picture below), it means that you’ve successfully set the connection to US VPN Proxy for Spotify usage


9. Simply click the Spotify icon. It will connects you to the app (with US VPN Proxy connection, of course), there will be a text to confirm that you’re using US VPN like shown below


Other way to make sure that you’re already connected with US VPN, you can open your tray (notification panel board) on your phone (without closing the HOLA VPN), like this


10.After it successfully directs you back to the Spotify menu screen, click the Search button (the one in the middle) and type “NFLYING”, then click FOLLOW button on it



11. You may click the “Shuffle Play” button to randomly listen to any N.FLYING songs, or search for any N.FLYING songs that you want to play.* But, since N.FLYING is going to comeback right now, I suggest you all to kindly stream their new songs AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! The more you stream, the better it works for the chart and play counts! ^^ While you stream the songs, you can leave it to do other things. It will keep playing on the background.

*if you’re using Spotify Free, you can’t help but playing it on Shuffle mode. But, if you’re using Spotify Premium, you can play any song that you want!

*for accessing Spotify through web browser

  1. Make sure you already have Chrome browser installed on your PC. Actually any browser works with Spotify web player, but since we’re going to use VPN with US connection, so the best browser that works best for me is Chrome ^^ If you don’t have Chrome web browser, you can install it first (Google it if you don’t know how)
  2. Open Chrome, click the “Apps” button with colorful grids on the top left, right below the address bar


3. Click the Chrome Web Store icon


4. Type “browsec” on the search box at the top left, then enter


5. This is how the Browsec extension looks. Click the “Add to Chrome” tab


6. Click “Add extension” tabcr4

7. Once you’re succeed, there will be “ADDED” green text as shown on the pic below. The Browsec logo will be pinned to the browser’s top tab (look the yellow circle)cr5

8.After that, open Spotify Web Player on play.spotify.com. Login with your account


Don’t forget to click the “I’m not a robot” square and follow the instructions to verify yourself


9. Once you’re logged in, click the Browsec logo


Turn it ON by clicking the ON-OFF switch tab at the corner right, and then click the “Change” tab


Click “Change” tab right on the United States option


10. Make sure it shown like this, which means you’re using a connection with US VPN. After that, you can search N.FLYING songs on the “Search” icon. Don’t forget to follow if you haven’t!


REMINDER: If you turn on Browsec VPN even before you access Spotify and you succeed to Login, you can continue. BUT, if not, you may try to turn on the Browsec VPN once you accessed and successfully LOGGED IN to Spotify, not right when you start opening the Chrome. You can restart Chrome first and try to do that 🙂



*FEEL FREE to translate it to your own language, kindly put my name (alvianashin) as a credit

*For accessing it through phones, you may use any other VPN application, the use of all VPN are the same. Its only the name of the app that’s different, you only have to make sure you use US connection.

*Statement about Spotify streaming can help songs to gain position on Billboard chart can be seen through billboard.com on FAQ

*If there’s any question regarding to the steps above feel free to ask me on my Twitter @shinshiwoo ☺️

*I still need more information regarding on how Spotify-Billboard thingy works so I’d be glad if there are any US N.Fia who willing to help for more details about it ^^

*My location is in Indonesia. I don’t know about in other countries but I do wish the process can be applied for you all without problems ^^


Good luck!



[N.FLYING] Kwangjin’s Bass Guitar List


1. Fender American Professional Jazz Bass

fender American Professional Jazz Bass®




2. Fender Flea Jazz Bass

Bass guitar that was given from CNBLUE Jungshin as a present of his Korean debut with N.Flying. I took it as Flea Jazz Bass because of the details are the same and the color itself are customized (look at the greeting card, its a from a Fender Custom Shop). It seems he often use it in many events/live occasions ever since he got it ^^

fender Flea Jazz Bass® custom




3. Ernie Ball-Music Man StingRay Neck Through (colors customized)

Ernie Ball-Music Man StingRay Neck Through



4. …still unknown😅 he use it since Basket era



*feel free t0 give any correction or any additional details!😀


Pictures credit to the respective owners (include Fender and StingRay website)

Please take our with full credits

[TRANS] N.Flying Interview with rankingbox Japan

FTISLAND & CNBLUE’s little brother appeared! New trend band build a new era

rankingbox NF

As the little brother of FTISLAND & CNBLUE, N.Flying, finally debuted after waited for such a long time and raise such expectation. Officially debut in Korea on May 2015 and had major debut in Japan on February in the next following year. The music itself has a fresh and new style of rap and rock. With the fresh line up, all 4 members finally on their very first interview with ranking BOX! The members were stick into the interview with a fun atmosphere. They showed the naughty yet natural faces to reminiscence summer, but turns serious when it comes to talk about music. We can feel their passion of music. We’ll deliver they love and feelings to you!


[Hello N.Flying! What advice did you get from FTISLAND senior?]

Since it’s N.Flying’s first appearance in ranking BOX, please tell us what kind of band it is.

Jaehyun : This band is filled with dreams and future a lot.


That’s good! Whose thought is that?

Jaehyun : It’s mine, I thought it a while ago (laughs).

Hun : I think the band is (a combination) of each individual’s personality.

Seunghyub : Yeah. At a glance I might feel like, our taste of music may be different and may vary but it comes out into the band’s personality (or, music color) into one. Or I might rather feel we are multi-talented….


Specifically, what kind of personality is that?

Hun : Kwangjin hyung may be very big (large)? No, it’s only his appearance, but his mind is also large (wide minded). He also attractive and has a manly charm (masculine). Jaehyun is cute, lively, and active. Seunghyub has the feel of “big brother”. So, to show the charms on the stage, fans, by themselves will look into the person which they’re attracted to (by looking to N.Flying’s individual personality and see them as they are, so fans can see which one who has the personality that they like or maybe have the same personality just like N.Flying members.


So how about Hun’s (personality)?

Hun : A sexy figure who plays guitar. Fufufu (laughs).


Although the Japan major debut song “Knock Knock” is the Japanese version of the Korean song, 2nd single “Endless Summer” is an original Japanese song. It’s a refreshing song and seems like it’s never been on J-Pop until N.Flying made it now, isn’t it?

Kwangjin : Earlier, we also feel like it has a bit difference from our previous song. But when we heard it for the first time, it has that ‘fresh’ feels. It’s a cool song and really suit the summer.


Where’s the part that you want to focus to be played?

Jaehyun : Actually I might be such a trouble since I’m not that good in fast rhythm, but this song (the rhythm) is pretty fast. I think you’ll understand this while you see it live, but maybe I’ll surely be frowned and twist my face to the other side while beating the drum (laughs). But the rhythm of the song came out good, should I be thanked for it?


So when the live goes on, we shouldn’t focus on Jaehyun’s face, right? (laughs)

Seunghyub : When you do “Endless Summer” live, you prefer want to play and jump with everyone. We can sing the chorus together and I think it’s the song for it (for being performed live and to be sung together).


Due to the official release date on July 13th, you all played the song first as the opening act on your senior in the company’s tour, FTISLAND. FTISLAND also saw N.Flying play the live seriously, did you get any advice (from them)?

Seunghyub : Jaejin senior always taught each of our members where’s the lacking part(s) and what is already good.

Jaehyun : “I hope we can play together. But because you all still don’t have much experience, I think (by doing the opening act) you’ll gain more experience and become just like FTISLAND and CNBLUE, so then the characteristics of the band will follow and comes out.” Please always give us good advice(s)!


[Without missing any practices! Members talk their memories of summer!!]

“Endless Summer” is a summer song, does any from 4 of you have the best summer memories?

Jaehyun : Summer time while we’re on our trainee era, when we don’t need to practice and the weather is too nice to be missed, so I sneaked out from the practice room and go swimming to the pool with others.

Seunghyub : The Han River’s pool! I went there quietly, three years ago?

Jaehyun : Yup, it was when we’re still a high school student.


Korea is different than in Japan, there’s no swimming classes, aren’t there a lot of people who can’t swim? Can you all swim?

Jaehyun : I need to survive.

Hun : I’m not good at all (laughs).


At this season (summer) teenagers in Korea go to MT (training camp), do you go to MT with the members?

Jaehyun : We don’t need to go all the way, because we’ve been together doing our life in the dormitory whether it’s summer or winter~ (laughs).

Seunghyub : I want to go, but if with the members, it’s “No”.

Kwangjin : After 5 years living together, you still don’t want to go? On the first year (it’s between the first year of living together or first year of high school), I’m afraid to go. But since we’re being together for more time, I started to think whether I’ll go or not.


So, please tell me your personal summer memories.

Hun : I was born in July 12th, but the summer is really bad. It’s very hot and I hate it.

Jaehyun : But in every year, do you celebrate it?

Hun : Only got “Congratulation!” greetings.

Jaehyun : I gave you gift, you don’t like it?


But Jaehyun, you were born in July 15th right?

Jaehyun : Yes. Celebrate my birthday is also a summer memory. I went out with the family when celebrate my birthday as a child. At that time, I asked for a card pack as a gift for about 3000 won (around 300 yen) and my father said “You choose the cheap one, good boy”. I only ask for a gift but then I managed to have dinner at a hotel’s restaurant, I told him that the menu’s price was so high. Then my father said “You’re a child with the expensive mouth”, I remember my Dad said that to me.


It’s gourmets, right?

Jaehyun : My Mother can cook, so they may be picky about the taste.


What food do you like best from your Mom’s cooking?

Jaehyun : Just an ordinary homemade cooking. Or maybe Doenjang jjigae.


How about Seunghyub?

Seunghyub : There are a lot of good summer memories. When I was in elementary school, I went to the sea and a valley with my sister and my Mom. It’s getting bigger in the water park (it’s between the valley which getting bigger or a water park getting bigger at that time). There’s various memories of the summer, but the summer itself always linked to water.

Kwangjin : I think it’s standard and normal to go to ocean or a valley in the summer. But I’ll talk from different point of view. I’m that type who will bring homework in the summer holidays and finish it before summer ends. So when I woke up in the morning on summer holidays, no one of my family is going out. But the room has Air Con inside (so he won’t feel hot). At that time, I felt that “I’m happy”. There’s nothing to bound or tied up. I’m free! (laughs)


Summer homework, it’s divided into two; those who did it first and those who won’t do it until summer reach its end. Which one are you?

Jaehyun : I didn’t do homework.

Hun : Me either. So it’ll ruin my new semester (or he’ll get angry/mad because when the new semester came he got many homework to be done, lol)

Seunghyub : I’m the type who will do it at the end (of summer). But, it’s seriously writing the diary of 1 month. Because I don’t remember at all (laughs).

Kwangjin : I did it completely in about two first days of summer holidays. In the contrast of Seunghyub’s, every day I’ll start to write “I played computer” at the beginning and ends it with “it was a lot of fun”.


[Member’s natural faces! Aggressively loves to do their favorite things, who is like cooking… etc?!]

The main character in “Endless Summer” song is the one who are aggressive to love, but who are this main character and who has the same type of person among the members?

Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun : *looking into Kwangjin together*

Seunghyub : He’s the type whose reckless and in a rush.

Kwangjin : That’s not true.

Jaehyun : He’s straight to the line (point)!

Kwangjin : Jaehyun is good at confessing!

Jaehyun : Ohaha, yeah, but I always fail (laughs).


Please tell me the secret success of Kwangjin.

Kwangjin : There’s nothing (laughs)

Hun : You don’t even need any secret!

All : Awesome!


The song included a lyric “Endless Summer Kimi ni mu chu (I’m crazy about you)”, but who or what is that you are crazy with for now?

Kwangjin : It’s a Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The history is not just about fighting scene; I like the things like life lessons are contained on it. “When desire is taken out too much will lead you to death”, and that lessons are very interesting.

Hun : I’m obsessed with guitar and cooking. Any food is good.

Kwangjin : You’ve made various (food) for me. Pasta and seaweed soup on my birthday.

Seunghyub : Hun rarely made Tattoritan (spicy stew of chicken and potato).

Jaehyun : I like acting. Like Harry Potter, I want to play that role, (because) it has such a special ability.

Seunghyub : Now, I’m currently obsessed with USA band named twenty one pilots. It’s very cool, I often watch their lives.


Finally, what do you want in this summer?

Jaehyun : I really want to be in the hot summer. Similar like the song title “Endless Summer”, I want the summer to not end. I want your summer this year full of sweat!

Seunghyub : Hot!

Jaehyun : In Endless way!


Source: rankingbox Japan

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[TRANS] N.Flying “Knock Knock” Interview with TVGroove Japan


Korean-born new trend band N.Flying Japan interview!

                A new rap-rock and new trend band, N.Flying, was formed in South Korea. N.Flying consist of four members of Seunghyub in vocal and rap, Kwangjin in bass, Chahun in guitar, Jaehyun in drums.

                They had their indie debut on October 2013 with a new sound: a hip-hop included in the strong rock beat. On that time, their single “BASKET” ranked 2nd on Oricon Indies chart. It was such an unstoppable momentum as they released their “One n Only” single at the New Year’s Day of 2014, the single ranked first on Tower Records World/Reggae sales ranking.

                After such a long-waiting time, finally N.Flying had their Japan major debut decided and release Knock Knock single on February 10th 2016. They are planning to have more activities in Japan in the future.

                At this time, TVGroove bring them to have an exclusive interview. The history of how they’re formed, how they like Japanese (language), their relationship with their seniors in the agency, and how they like (or, how is their thoughts) to Japanese fans, are all said.

Q : First of all please introduce yourself

KJ : Hello! I’m bassist Kwon Kwangjin!

JH : I’m the “best” drummer, Kim Jaehyun!

SH : I’m rapper and vocalist Lee Seunghyub!

CH : Hello! I’m guitarist Chahun!

Q : Can you tell me how was the band formed?

JH : We originally have Kwangjin who is a trainee for a long-time. And then I was able to join (the agency) as a trainee when I was young. After that, Chahun and Seunghyub also join. It was when the agency told us that we’re going to be a team (as a band), and at that moment we looked at each other and I feel like “Oh, we are a team! I finally have a team!” Soon after that we started to play by ourselves.

Q : I heard that the trainee period is long?

CH : I guess it’s about five years.

KJ : My period as a trainee is about 9 to 10 years.

CH : Kwangjin is 10 years, Jaehyun is 9 years, Seunghyub and I both 5 years!

Q : The origin of “N.Flying” band name?

SH : N.Flying itself means “New Flying” “Next Flying”, but then “New Trend Band” has been put to it. It’s that the band who find a new flight!


Q : Who decided the name?

Everyone : We decided it together with the agency!

Q : N.Flying is a “New Trend Band” with rap and hip-hop, and even rap in Japanese, isn’t it difficult?

SH : Since I’m a rapper, I should rap the lyrics which originally made by myself.  But, in my current Japanese level, I still think it’s difficult to express (or, represent a song) in Japanese. So, when I’m working (on a song), I wrote the lyrics in Korean first, and by having a communication it helps me to fix my Japanese pronunciations, so does with my rap. So there’s no problem rapping in Japanese, but, still, it’s hard to make it 100% by myself.


Q : So, you still studying Japanese up until now?

SH : Studying Japanese has been really hard…but I don’t really mean that, I’m still studying now!

KJ : Oh! A little correction! When we had our indie activities in Japan, there was a Japanese teacher coming to teach us Japanese in every week. But ever since we’re mainly living in South Korea, and the time difference* in South Korea, I can’t continue to study Japanese really well. But I’m in charge of studying Japanese because I’ve been learning it first, other members can’t easily be ordered to learn, so some words are forgotten. But we’ll study Japanese harder from now!

*KJ can be refer to the time difference of having activities or schedule between in South Korea and in Japan

Q : What is your favorite Japanese word?

CH : It’s a word that’s in my thought, “Summer Snow” (Natsu no Yuki). It has a mysterious feel which I like!

SH : Mine is “ stomach’s grovel (the sound of starving)” (pekopeko) (laughs)!

JH : Mine is “Fermented Soybeans” (Nattou)! Ah, I like it very much!

CH : It’s not a meat?

JH : Nattou!

SH : I’m meat!

KJ : I like “Love” (Ai) the most. Also “Like it very much” (Daisuki). And also, I have a word made by myself. It’s “Ari Ari”! Meanwhile in Korea “Kamsahamnida” is going to be “Kamsa Kamsa”!  And “Arigatougozaimasu” is slightly long, so I made it “Ari Ari”! And I also told it to my fans (laugh)! This “Ari Ari”, you got it?

CH : But there’s also a word “Ari” which means “Here”!

KJ : For N.Flying fans, it’ll be very interesting to be said (laugh)!

CH : Ah! But you  know there’s “Azaasu” *right? (laugh)!

*Azaasu is an abbreviation of “Arigatougozaimasu”

KJ : But for “Ari Ari”, I thought that it would feel closer to say it from Korean.


Q : Just now you talked about “Fermented Soybeans” (Nattou) as your favorite, can you tell me members’ favorite Japanese food?

JH : Still, it’s Beef Bowl and Fermented Soybeans (laugh)! Cow!

CH : Words that combines Beef Bowl and Fermented Soybeans is Cow (laughs)!

JH : Beef Bowl and Fermented Soybeans are better to be eaten together (laughs)!

SH : Mine is a bowl of Yoshinoya Beef’s short ribs! Ah…  (forgot to hide down the name LOL!!!) …it’s a rib bowl (laugh)! Then Steak!

JH : Ah… Steak!

CH : You’re right! Steak too!

KJ : Japanese foods are delicious!

CH : Because a man like meat the most!


Q : In 2013 you had activities as an indie, Korean debut on May 2015, and have major debut “Knock Knock” in February 2016 here in Japan. How do you feel about Japan debut?

KJ : Our music never change, ever since as an indie or when having major debut like this still the same. But to be able to meet Japanese fans who waited for a long time and to be able to listen to a song of our new album I just feel excited!

Q : What do you think about Japanese fans?

Everyone : Ari Ari!

CH : I always feel grateful!

SH : It’s inspiring. And why I say it, because the past two years we weren’t that active in such a big way in Japan, and also not even in a situation that we can frequently meet.  But we’re always on N.Flying official Korean fan café (fan club homepage), there’s more Japanese who have join, and hardly wrote a letter in Korean. That’s very inspiring. I also can join and leave a sentence there. Once I went to the place which operates fan café, it’s not possible to leave a sentence there if it hasn’t leveled up. I guess it’s quite difficult to do for Japanese. But I’m very thankful that you can do it up to there.

KJ : Today our fans also came to the airport.

Q : You co-starred with Mr. vocalist Mitsuru Matsuoka of SOPHIA by live broadcasting in July, how was it?

JH : It was really fun!

SH : We were covering Mitsuru Matsuoka’s Band “MICHAEL” song, and I was asked to stand together on stage! At that time, we were standing on the opening stage, but I could feel the “MICHAEL” spirit. Ever since we were standing in front of “MICHAEL”’s fans on stage, but everyone greeted us very warmly. The fact that there’s such fans like that, I thought it’s because we have an effort that’s being done by us and it’s wonderful. We want to become such a wonderful band!

CH : And at that time, Jaehyun and I have birthday, “MICHAEL”s prepared a big cake and said “Congratulation!” on the stage! I celebrate it myself! It was truly impressing!

KJ : And later when the performance has ended, Mr. “MICHAEL”  was much interested in us. And if they’re going to go to South Korea, he told me that he want to have a performance collaboration with N.Flying. We also want to have a performance together with “MICHAEL” if we have the opportunity! We want to meet you!

Q : You appeared on “2015 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN” which was held on December 12th and 13th at the end of last year, with FTISLAND, CNBLUE, AOA and JUNIEL were also appeared, what did you speak about (when you’re with them)?

CH : When we had our rehearsal, seniors always came to us, and always said where is this, where is that, it isn’t good, or, this is better, and, I asked to play guitar then they always gave advice!

KJ : Since we meet them almost in everyday, we have a good relationship. But recently we’re busy and couldn’t meet that often. But when they have time, they’ll come to N.Flying studio and give us various advices!

SH : I really like them!

KJ : Maybe the seniors also like us too (laugh)!

CH : It’s almost like a family!

JH : Big brother!


Q : From advices you’ve received, is there any words which remains as an impression to you?

CH : I got a lot of advice. There’s one advice which FTISLAND’s Hongki senior always say. It’s “Even if you’re not well prepared, as long as you’re solid and ready, you have to keep jammed on it. Be a kind band” he said. And at the same time when I see the seniors in stage, it got me like, aaah, we need to practice and work hard.

KJ : Also, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa senior often come to our practice room to see us and give some advice. Yonghwa senior said how to communicate with fans when standing in front of stage, “The moment when you’re on stage, make it all yours. So, you can enjoy it!”. Also, Yonghwa senior give a lot advices to Seunghyub.

SH : Really, it’s many!

JH : Guitarist Jonghyun senior told us, “When standing on stage, singing 13 songs feels like we just sing 3 songs. But when come down from the stage, I can immediately feel that we really sang 30 songs.”

SH : Even if that’s 23 songs, 33 songs, 103 songs…

JH : 103 songs is hard (laugh). He also said that when we’re on the stage, all of our energy runs out more.

Q : You get along good with the seniors like a family, even when you’re on a serious discussion about music?

CH : Yes. If you thought that we’re trying to brag our seniors, no, it’s not. We’re really receive a lot of love, it never ends.

JH : It’ll need much time if talking about that, you’ll turn the camera on for 5 hours (laugh)

Q : At the end, please send message to TV Groove readers.

Hello TV Groove viewers! We’re N.Flying!

SH : I see you look happy right? We have finally finished our indie era, and now we’re going to have a debut in Japan on February! For the fans who have waited for us after 2 years not having activities in Japan, we really want to see you! I’d like to show you all a nice live on February 10th which we’ve prepared!

JH : It happened really fast! It’s like a blink of an eye. Please wait for our song and creation!

KJ : It will “Knock Knock” your heart!

CH : Since everyone had been waiting for us for a long time, we’ll come back with a nice and beautiful song! Please wait for it!

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Trans by alvianashin

Source: TVGroove

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