[TRANS] Moisturizing is important for men too! FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon BEST 3 companion for a long-distance travel by rangkingbox


FTISLAND released a new album “UNITED SHADOWS”. The fact that he often goes abroad for activities, we were taught by FTISLAND’s guitarist Choi Jonghoon which BEST 3 essentials belonging to be a companion for a long-distance travel.

1. Mask Pack


It may be not something that used during traveling, but it’s no. 1 thing that’s essential to be brought while traveling. Isn’t it dry in the airplane? Usually, I use it 3 times a week. It’s even important for men to have some moisturizing. You also need to have a necessary investment for your skin. There are a lot of people who are doing packs (for face) in everyday, even Korean actors do it. If you come to Korea from Japan, you’ll buy a lot of mask packs for souvenirs, don’t you? Korean packs are cheap and there are many variation of it, its recommended.

2. Neck Pillow


When you’re on an airplane for a long time, bring a neck pillow. I don’t bring it to Japan because its close, but if I have to board on an airplane more than 6 hours, I’ll bring it. I like the softer (material) rather than the hardened one. I use that one type which surrounds around my neck. Its troublesome to carry it around since its bulky, but the way we get tired after sleeping is different if we don’t have the neck pillow with us. Therefore, I wear it when I have a long-distance travel where I need to have an overnight sleep on plane.

3. Supplements


I care about body management, and I take various kinds of supplements in every day. Even if I have meal on the plane, I won’t get biased towards the nutrition. Because I think that there is a little vitamin in particular, so I take others such as vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. Have you ever heard about DHA and IPA are contained in a blue fish? Omega 3 includes those elements that are said to make the work of our head better, or give the effect to our blood’s smoothness.

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[TRANS] FTISLAND’s Lee Jaejin BEST 3 places he wants to go in Japan by rankingbox


FTISLAND released a new album “UNITED SHADOWS”. Although he has visited Japan for many times, but he can’t go out that far, so we’ve been listening to BEST 3 places that Lee Jaejin would like to go in Japan!


1. Hot Spring in Kyushu


EXILE, EXILE THE SECOND member – Kuroki Keiji, recommended “If it’s hot spring it’s Kyushu!”, it’s a place that I really interested to go right now. Oh~ Keiji-san is from Kyushu. I don’t know the name or details about hot spring area, but I’d like to stay at a traditional Japanese inn. I went to a hot spring once while in the middle of the tour, it’s in a lodging where a ninja is likely to come out, it’s very impressive. If possible, I’d like to take my mother there.

2. Okinawa


I’ve been there to participate an outdoor festival, but I couldn’t go out because of typhoon. The festival (the live performance) was canceled, of course. While I was excited to see some photos, the wind blew and the window got shook that I can only see the scenery. In Okinawa, I’d like to go to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium as seen in many photos. After that, I went into a beautiful sea…. Ah, but, I can’t swim (LOL). Is it ok if I diving without being able to swim? I want to do it! I want to see tropical fish.

3. Aromatic Oil Treatment


I want to loosen my body before doing live. I want to be in a two hours’ course. But, Japanese spa ins expensive! In Korea, Chimjilbang (health land) is well known, I go to an old fashioned small public bath about once in a week. I don’t see (a place like that) much in Japan, but there are many in Korea. It (maybe) not a main bath in Japan, but I feel like taking a shower after enter the sauna and have some healthy drink later is the best.

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[TRANS] N.Flying Interview with rankingbox Japan

FTISLAND & CNBLUE’s little brother appeared! New trend band build a new era

rankingbox NF

As the little brother of FTISLAND & CNBLUE, N.Flying, finally debuted after waited for such a long time and raise such expectation. Officially debut in Korea on May 2015 and had major debut in Japan on February in the next following year. The music itself has a fresh and new style of rap and rock. With the fresh line up, all 4 members finally on their very first interview with ranking BOX! The members were stick into the interview with a fun atmosphere. They showed the naughty yet natural faces to reminiscence summer, but turns serious when it comes to talk about music. We can feel their passion of music. We’ll deliver they love and feelings to you!


[Hello N.Flying! What advice did you get from FTISLAND senior?]

Since it’s N.Flying’s first appearance in ranking BOX, please tell us what kind of band it is.

Jaehyun : This band is filled with dreams and future a lot.


That’s good! Whose thought is that?

Jaehyun : It’s mine, I thought it a while ago (laughs).

Hun : I think the band is (a combination) of each individual’s personality.

Seunghyub : Yeah. At a glance I might feel like, our taste of music may be different and may vary but it comes out into the band’s personality (or, music color) into one. Or I might rather feel we are multi-talented….


Specifically, what kind of personality is that?

Hun : Kwangjin hyung may be very big (large)? No, it’s only his appearance, but his mind is also large (wide minded). He also attractive and has a manly charm (masculine). Jaehyun is cute, lively, and active. Seunghyub has the feel of “big brother”. So, to show the charms on the stage, fans, by themselves will look into the person which they’re attracted to (by looking to N.Flying’s individual personality and see them as they are, so fans can see which one who has the personality that they like or maybe have the same personality just like N.Flying members.


So how about Hun’s (personality)?

Hun : A sexy figure who plays guitar. Fufufu (laughs).


Although the Japan major debut song “Knock Knock” is the Japanese version of the Korean song, 2nd single “Endless Summer” is an original Japanese song. It’s a refreshing song and seems like it’s never been on J-Pop until N.Flying made it now, isn’t it?

Kwangjin : Earlier, we also feel like it has a bit difference from our previous song. But when we heard it for the first time, it has that ‘fresh’ feels. It’s a cool song and really suit the summer.


Where’s the part that you want to focus to be played?

Jaehyun : Actually I might be such a trouble since I’m not that good in fast rhythm, but this song (the rhythm) is pretty fast. I think you’ll understand this while you see it live, but maybe I’ll surely be frowned and twist my face to the other side while beating the drum (laughs). But the rhythm of the song came out good, should I be thanked for it?


So when the live goes on, we shouldn’t focus on Jaehyun’s face, right? (laughs)

Seunghyub : When you do “Endless Summer” live, you prefer want to play and jump with everyone. We can sing the chorus together and I think it’s the song for it (for being performed live and to be sung together).


Due to the official release date on July 13th, you all played the song first as the opening act on your senior in the company’s tour, FTISLAND. FTISLAND also saw N.Flying play the live seriously, did you get any advice (from them)?

Seunghyub : Jaejin senior always taught each of our members where’s the lacking part(s) and what is already good.

Jaehyun : “I hope we can play together. But because you all still don’t have much experience, I think (by doing the opening act) you’ll gain more experience and become just like FTISLAND and CNBLUE, so then the characteristics of the band will follow and comes out.” Please always give us good advice(s)!


[Without missing any practices! Members talk their memories of summer!!]

“Endless Summer” is a summer song, does any from 4 of you have the best summer memories?

Jaehyun : Summer time while we’re on our trainee era, when we don’t need to practice and the weather is too nice to be missed, so I sneaked out from the practice room and go swimming to the pool with others.

Seunghyub : The Han River’s pool! I went there quietly, three years ago?

Jaehyun : Yup, it was when we’re still a high school student.


Korea is different than in Japan, there’s no swimming classes, aren’t there a lot of people who can’t swim? Can you all swim?

Jaehyun : I need to survive.

Hun : I’m not good at all (laughs).


At this season (summer) teenagers in Korea go to MT (training camp), do you go to MT with the members?

Jaehyun : We don’t need to go all the way, because we’ve been together doing our life in the dormitory whether it’s summer or winter~ (laughs).

Seunghyub : I want to go, but if with the members, it’s “No”.

Kwangjin : After 5 years living together, you still don’t want to go? On the first year (it’s between the first year of living together or first year of high school), I’m afraid to go. But since we’re being together for more time, I started to think whether I’ll go or not.


So, please tell me your personal summer memories.

Hun : I was born in July 12th, but the summer is really bad. It’s very hot and I hate it.

Jaehyun : But in every year, do you celebrate it?

Hun : Only got “Congratulation!” greetings.

Jaehyun : I gave you gift, you don’t like it?


But Jaehyun, you were born in July 15th right?

Jaehyun : Yes. Celebrate my birthday is also a summer memory. I went out with the family when celebrate my birthday as a child. At that time, I asked for a card pack as a gift for about 3000 won (around 300 yen) and my father said “You choose the cheap one, good boy”. I only ask for a gift but then I managed to have dinner at a hotel’s restaurant, I told him that the menu’s price was so high. Then my father said “You’re a child with the expensive mouth”, I remember my Dad said that to me.


It’s gourmets, right?

Jaehyun : My Mother can cook, so they may be picky about the taste.


What food do you like best from your Mom’s cooking?

Jaehyun : Just an ordinary homemade cooking. Or maybe Doenjang jjigae.


How about Seunghyub?

Seunghyub : There are a lot of good summer memories. When I was in elementary school, I went to the sea and a valley with my sister and my Mom. It’s getting bigger in the water park (it’s between the valley which getting bigger or a water park getting bigger at that time). There’s various memories of the summer, but the summer itself always linked to water.

Kwangjin : I think it’s standard and normal to go to ocean or a valley in the summer. But I’ll talk from different point of view. I’m that type who will bring homework in the summer holidays and finish it before summer ends. So when I woke up in the morning on summer holidays, no one of my family is going out. But the room has Air Con inside (so he won’t feel hot). At that time, I felt that “I’m happy”. There’s nothing to bound or tied up. I’m free! (laughs)


Summer homework, it’s divided into two; those who did it first and those who won’t do it until summer reach its end. Which one are you?

Jaehyun : I didn’t do homework.

Hun : Me either. So it’ll ruin my new semester (or he’ll get angry/mad because when the new semester came he got many homework to be done, lol)

Seunghyub : I’m the type who will do it at the end (of summer). But, it’s seriously writing the diary of 1 month. Because I don’t remember at all (laughs).

Kwangjin : I did it completely in about two first days of summer holidays. In the contrast of Seunghyub’s, every day I’ll start to write “I played computer” at the beginning and ends it with “it was a lot of fun”.


[Member’s natural faces! Aggressively loves to do their favorite things, who is like cooking… etc?!]

The main character in “Endless Summer” song is the one who are aggressive to love, but who are this main character and who has the same type of person among the members?

Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun : *looking into Kwangjin together*

Seunghyub : He’s the type whose reckless and in a rush.

Kwangjin : That’s not true.

Jaehyun : He’s straight to the line (point)!

Kwangjin : Jaehyun is good at confessing!

Jaehyun : Ohaha, yeah, but I always fail (laughs).


Please tell me the secret success of Kwangjin.

Kwangjin : There’s nothing (laughs)

Hun : You don’t even need any secret!

All : Awesome!


The song included a lyric “Endless Summer Kimi ni mu chu (I’m crazy about you)”, but who or what is that you are crazy with for now?

Kwangjin : It’s a Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The history is not just about fighting scene; I like the things like life lessons are contained on it. “When desire is taken out too much will lead you to death”, and that lessons are very interesting.

Hun : I’m obsessed with guitar and cooking. Any food is good.

Kwangjin : You’ve made various (food) for me. Pasta and seaweed soup on my birthday.

Seunghyub : Hun rarely made Tattoritan (spicy stew of chicken and potato).

Jaehyun : I like acting. Like Harry Potter, I want to play that role, (because) it has such a special ability.

Seunghyub : Now, I’m currently obsessed with USA band named twenty one pilots. It’s very cool, I often watch their lives.


Finally, what do you want in this summer?

Jaehyun : I really want to be in the hot summer. Similar like the song title “Endless Summer”, I want the summer to not end. I want your summer this year full of sweat!

Seunghyub : Hot!

Jaehyun : In Endless way!


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